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The August issue is out now with the new Wire Tapper CD and download. On the cover of the issue are Ashtray Navigations whose psychedelic stew has nurtured a West Yorkshire DIY music scene taking in Vibracathedral Orchestra, Astral Social Club and many more. Alex Neilson heads to Leeds to talk to the scene’s key players, while in The Primer, Frances Morgan provides a user’s guide to their core releases.

Elsewhere in the issue, guitarist David Pearce returns after 15 years in the wilderness with a new Flying Saucer Attack album. He and members of Movietone, Crescent and Third Eye Foundation tell Joseph Stannard the story of the West Country’s cosmic reverse and the close-knit early 1990s scene centred at Bristol’s Revolver Records shop. In Invisible Jukebox the Alternative TV frontman and Sniffin’ Glue founder Mark Perry says “You bastard” to The Wire’s mystery record selection; and AB Spellman recalls his encounters with the late Ornette Coleman in New York in the 1960s.

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